Vintages 2016 - 2003 No Two Years Quite Alike


The vintage launched to a warm winter followed by a cool, wet spring, with heavy precipitation in May, June and July. August dawned hot and dry before fading into a cool autumn, allowing for an extended ripening period. A month-long harvest kicked off in mid-October to very cool temperatures, ultimately garnering healthy fruit with average yields. A classic Mosel vintage with nimble, aromatic wines brimming with fantastic minerality.


The mild, dry winter gave way to an equally warm spring and then a truly hot summer. Rains arrived in copious quantities in September. Fortunately, the conditions ultimately turned cool and dry, allowing the grapes to ripen perfectly on the vine. With this turbulent year behind us, we were extremely happy to harvest golden yellow grapes with high must weights and good acidity levels. For our nobly sweet dessert wines in particular, 2015 was a fantastic vintage!


An extremely early budbreak was set back by a cold snap in April, delaying flowering until mid-June. The somewhat cooler August also further hampered ripening. A very warm and rainy autumn led to a fast-developing botrytis in the vineyards. It was a challenging harvest season requiring meticulous selection, yet ultimately rewarded by well-developed wines with pleasant acidity.


A labor-intensive vintage: the cold spring pushed budbreak later than average on the Mosel. The summer was pleasantly warm. Heavy rains in early October forced both an early launch to harvest as well as an expansion of our harvest team to achieve the meticulous sorting and multiple passes in the vineyard that the vintage conditions demanded. The cool fruitiness and racy acidity of this challenging vintage promise long cellarability.