Eva Clüsserath-Wittmann becomes winemaker of the year 2022

We are delighted by Falstaff Magazine's choice of Eva Clüsserath-Wittmann as winemaker of the year!

FALSTAFF writes: The 150 kilometer commute between the winery of her husband Philipp Wittmann in Westhofen and her own at the Mosel is normality for the family. For Eva, making the wines in the winery's cellar in Trittenheim is part of the terroir.

The grapes for her wines are selectively picked by hand in multiple passes. For the dry and Kabinett wines, perfectly healthy grapes are harvested that don't show any sign of being overripe. Then the slightly crushed grapes are left to macerate for a short amount of time before getting pressed without beeing pumped. After a short sedimentation, the must flows into the classical Moselfuder barrels, where the fermentation starts after around two to three weeks. The fermentation takes relatively long at winery Ansgar Clüsserath. Eva tells the Falstaff that some wines of the 2021 vintage are still fermenting in mid March of 2022.

Click here for the full article of the Falstaff Magazin

SWR television's Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz also reported on the Falstaff WeinTrophy's Winemaker of the Year 2022 award. You can watch the report in the SWR media library by clicking here.